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Willi Kellers Quartett Live || Video: www.tomschweers.de

Machine Kaput ~ Titletrack from CD Machine Kaput (excerpt)
Ruf der Heimat: peter brötzmann – reeds + thomas borgmann – reeds +  christoph winckel – bass + willi kellers – drums
recorded in concert at Tacheles, Berlin, on June 29th 1995
Cover design (reproduced above) by Brötzmann + liner-notes by steve lake:
http://www.thomasborgmann.de/machine…. + Konnex KCD 5070

Thomas Borgmann ~ Max Johnson ~ Willi Kellers
31-01-2015, New York Tenor Saxophone Festival, Ibeam
„A lovely set, artfully presented by treasured Lithuanian label NoBusiness.“


Stewart Smith, 'the Quietus'

Best Live Concert 2015

One long piece, recorded live at the New York Tenor Sax Festival in 2015 – which must have been a very good place to display the bold talents of Thomas Borgmann!
Yet in addition to some strong tenor work at the front of the improvisation, the record also features Thomas on a bit of soprano sax, and toy melodica too – and some passages seem to have him stepping back entirely, to allow for stronger focus on the beautiful bowed work of Max Johnson on bass, and the complicated patterns of Willi Kellers on drums.
The work’s steeped in the best traditions of free improvisation – from the ESP generation through FMP and all the best contemporary underground work – almost all bases that seem to get touched in the extended performance!
Dusty Groove in Chicago